10 Reasons You Should do Your Divemaster Course With Blue Marlin Komodo

Finding the right place for your Divemaster course isn’t an easy task! Join guest blogger, Beyond Blighty, as she explains why doing her divemaster at Blue Marlin Komodo was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Send Nudis: The Way-Too-Simple Intro to Nudibranchs

With over 3000 known species in our world’s oceans, each more flamboyant and weird than the last, nudibranchs have developed a sort of cult following among divers. However, many divers don’t know these cool facts!

Muckin’ Around

If you’re just getting your fins wet, “muck” may be a new term for you. Don’t worry, Blue Marlin Dive is here to break it down. “Muck” is a polite way to describe some dirty diving!

A Fish Full of Dollars: Interview with the Filmmaker

Being screened at ADEX this week, A Fish Full of Dollars is a case study about Tanjung Luar, a fishing village in East Lombok, where sharks are actively targeted for their fins, and where their loss may ultimately have devastating effects on a local community that is already living below the poverty line. Blue Marlin’s exclusive interview with the filmmaker, Adrienne Gittus.

Manta Matching in Komodo

Hear from Marine Megafauna Researcher Elitza Germanov about manta matching: why it’s important and how you can help.

UV Diving

The movie Avatar transported many to a world of glowing wonder and vibrant colours. But what if you could actually visit? UV Diving is your chance.

Komodo 101: Intro to Currents

As much as we hear scuba junkies discuss current intensity or how to properly handle mother nature at her angriest, we’ve never really gotten to ‘get our hands dirty’ about what causes the currents in Komodo and how they actually work. Until now.

What Will I Learn As A Divemaster Candidate?

Starting your Divemaster course is a daunting prospect and you could easily be scared off by the long list of requirements outlined in your initial paperwork. The good news is that PADI has designed the course so that you can take it at your own pace…

Back to School: Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures

This past year, two of Blue Marlin Komodo’s instructors headed over to Gili Trawangan for a holiday full of beaches, tropical island vibes and some fun diving. However, once there, they were bitten by the Tech Bug. Some are attracted to the shiny new gear, some seek the less explored dive sites not available to recreational divers and others love the idea of planning technical ‘expeditions’. However, some just love a good challenge. Enter Vero and Doug.