24/2/12 Turbo’s Reef

So today we did a morning dive to Turbo’s Reef of the North East side of Gili T and wow was it amazing! Due to the great weather we have been having the past few weeks, the water has cleared up immensely and the visibility is superb. From 30 meters down, you could easily 30 meters or more all around you, and you could still see the surface. Talk about clear waters! The great visibility must have been a sign for good things to come, as later on that dive huge schools of Jacks and Snappers were seen! Then, what seemed like a thousand schooling barracuda came circling so close you could have touched them.

Later on the same day we did a dive to Halik Reef. Halik is off the North West of the island situated slightly north of Shark Point. The typography of the dive site is therefore similar. With drop offs and plateaus taking you deeper and deeper gives perfect coral formations for moray eels, sting rays and yes once again, sharks! This dive had unbelievable visibility continued from earlier on in the day. Halik is always a great dive but today was one of those days where the fish came out to play! We saw everything you could imagine. Lionfish, scorpionfish, moray eels, 2 x white tip reef sharks, banded shrimp and much more!

Need I say more? If these dives don’t convince people to dive on Gili Trawnagan, then soon we will upload a video from 1 days diving with Blue Marlin Dive Gili Trawangan!

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