Shark Point 8/2/12

Shark Point, located on the West of the Island is notorious for shark sightings, hence forth, the site name. Today we went there at 11.30am which is the second dive of the day for us, as we dive at 9am, 11.30am and 14.30pm. Today the instructor, Ellie, was teaching a advanced course student who had chosen to do ‘Introduction to Nitrox’ as one of his 5 dives. Also on the dive was Ellie’s assistant and Divemaster Trainee, Rebecca. Staying deeper for longer, the had more of a chance of seeing sharks as they generally hang around between 22-30 meters. On this dive they saw 2 white tip reef sharks, one of which may have been pregnant!! not only did they see two sharks but they also saw a bumphead parrotfish, a large school of jacks, some blue spotted stingrays, some hawksbill turtles and an octopus. Ellie was quoted by saying “As we dropped in it was like being in the middle of an aquarium, everywhere we looked there was something interesting to look at and admire”. In other words, another amazing dive at Shark Point!


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