Just Another Day @ The Office

Blue Marlin Dive Staff Party

Every once in a while we organise a staff party that gets everyone involved and is immense fun!

We organise games on the beach and in the pool that help us as a dive shop bond together to make a closer relatitionship that creates a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Ofcourse not just staff got involved, some of our customers who were diving here for a long period felt comfortable enough with us to join in with some of the activites.

We started off by organising 4 teams of around 5-6 people and the first game we played was a 3 legged race. Classic comical errors being made, with people showing eagreness to win whilst others were struggling and falling over! We then played an egg and spoon race. Not a normal egg and spoon race, one where the person racing was wearing a a fin! Surprisingly everybody did this well, with the exception of Sarah, the only peron managing to lose her egg and making her team come last in that event! After this we did a sack race and went on to do what we called an equipment dive. Here the teams selected 2 people who were going to get dressed up in specific equipment as our equipment is numbered. Each team had a list of equipment they had to specifically get to dress up the 2 divers. when they were ready, they then had to go diving for 4 eggs at the bottom of the pool which had different amounts of points on them. Possibly the funniest game we played as it required speed to get all the equipment first to win. We ended the games on a big tug of war in which Kenneth the man mountain helped his team to victory.

The day ended with people apple bobbing and then putting their face in a bucket of flour to find sweets. this possibly was not the besr idea as it turned into a huge flour fight.Our customers enjoyed it, our staff enjoyed it and the public walking past especially enjoyed it.

Pictures from the afternoon can be found on our facebook page under the album Staff Party;


If you haven’t liked our page yet, please do!

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