Snorkel Testing!

After completing all the skills and tasks necessary for the Divemaster Course, Divemaster Trainees have one final test to complete before they can be called fully fledged Divemasters. This test is of course…..the famous snorkel test!

Throught Divemaster Trainee’s courses they become close with the staff and crew and develope real work and friend relationships with everybody in the dive shop. When they come to do their final test, they are dressed up in a themed costume, often relating to a silly story from during their course. Once dressed up, the DMT(s) come out to a relating theme song and have to dance until the end of the song. There are many people who come to the dive shop just to see what is going on. Big crowds are always watching, cheering them on. When they are ready they have to put on a mask and adapted snorkel with a cut off water bottle attached to the top, acting as a funnel. Then they have a litre of mixed alcohol, juices, fizzy drinks and extra joss poured down the snorkel and they only have one breath to finish it all. (Cheating often occurs by people lifting up their mask so they can breath through their nose).

Our snorkel test nights are always a success with everybody cheering the DMT(s) on and congratulating them when they complete it! It’s huge fun the DMT(s) always enjoy it. Below are a few pictures from past and present snorkel tests.

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