Discover A New World Underwater By Doing A Discover Scuba Dive

Doing a Discover Scuba Dive will open your eyes up to a whole new world that you never new existed!

Imagine gliding effortlessly alongside a huge green turtle, or hovering quietly above a sleeping white tip reef shark.

This could be you if you decided to take on the one day course, you will be thrust into a world underwater.

Your placed with an experienced instructor who will take you through the basics behind the theory of diving. Then you put your equipment on and jump into the pool. here you can see one of our instructors, Ari, describing some Discover Scuba Dive customers what skills they are going to perform before he then shows them underwater, to which they then copy and replicate.

Once the instructor is happy with your progress it is time to have a break for lunch, come back to the dive shop for 2 o’çlock, hop on the boat and go diving!

On this dive you will be going down to 12 meters! Plenty deep for your first ever dive! There are no skills to perform except to just enjoy yourself and relax.

Once you finish this dive you wil be hooked! This does not qualify you to go diving by yourself or with a buddy but it does count towards your PADI Open Water Course as day 1 of the 3 days it takes.

Try something new today and jump into the ocean! Theres so much to see!ImageImage

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