Farewell to the beautiful Miss Ellie

ellie photo

Today is another very sad day at Blue Marlin Dive. Even though were very happy the world did not end (yeah!), we are very upset to say goodbye to a valued member of staff.

Ellie has been with us here at Blue Marlin Dive for almost two years and unfortunately had to leave for unforeseen circumstances.

She first started out by doing her DMT here at Blue Marlin which ended with her sexy pink panther outfit for her snorkel test. After that she went onto to do her IDC before officially working here as an overflow instructor. She also did a lot of work for the office including emails.

Ellie not only had a friendly smile, stunning looks, good sense of humour, awesome clothes (soooo many bikini’s). She also worked very hard and always got stuck in. She was also seen very often having a few drinks at the Irish on Wednesday night, but then again who doesn’t.

It has definitely been a fantastic few years while she has been here and I don’t think anyone one will forget her.

We will miss you Ellie!!

ellie photo

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