My Divemaster at Blue Marlin Gili T

If I were at home right now, I would probably sit in a smelly and overfull classroom with homework up till my ears, waiting for Friday afternoon while the rain would pour down outside. But luckily I am not. I had the courage in July 2012 to pack my backpack and leave Denmark for a travel of 8 months. I went through Southeast Asia for two months with a good friend of mine, and when the calendar said 5th of September, she went back to her studies in Denmark. “What am I gonna do now?” …I thought in the airport when I saw her check in for her flight. I was scared but at the same time super excited, 21 years old, alone on the other side of the world…

I had one tropical dive at Sipadan Island, Malaysia during the 2 months, and I wished I could have a job as a Divemaster somewhere cool like that place and like the people working there. And to my luck, the bank at home lended me 10.000 Danish kroners so now I was now financia able to do my DM. Then I looked at the internet and I found this place called the Gili Islands, cool, never heard of it before, and two days later I was at Blue Marlin Gili Trawangan starting my DM.

Doing my DM here has been the most turbulent but most amazing roller-coaster ride in my life. I have had so many successful experiences here you only can imagine of when you are at home in your safe environment. And after my 7 weeks DM course and a very memorable snorkeltest (see picture…)DM finished …I was not just lucky but extremely lucky that the Blue Marlin needed one more Divemaster. So here I am now, working in a dive shop, diving in the most amazing water every day, meeting more cool people in a week that you would in 6 months at home. In fact I have decided to get another angle on the beautiful diving here, so in 10 days I have signed up for the Instructor Development Course, and then hopefully I can start certifying new and excited divers 😉

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