Rebreather Training at Blue Marlin Dive


Hot on the heels of Darragh Gorman’s recent open circuit achievement, comes fellow Melbourne resident David Tipping with a record all of his own.  David, who has just spent over a month privately training with Blue Marlin Dive owner and Director, acclaimed instructor Simon Liddiard, has gone to depths well beyond 100m on the JJ Closed Circuit Rebreather.  Paramedic Dave worked hard at home beforehand doing lots of overtime in order to accrue enough leave to dedicate his time to the rebreather training.  David has been a diver since 2006, an instructor since 2008 and a tech diver since his first visit to Blue Marlin in 2009. In 2012 he made the move to the JJ-CCR. He dives regularly around Melbourne on the wrecks and walls he has close to home, but wanted to further his knowledge, experience and training to enable him to continue his exploration. David says the decision to train at Blue Marlin was made easy due to the combination of both Simon and Instructor Will Goodman extensive CCR diving experience and the stunning deep walls that lie just off Gili Trawangan and Lombok. He came here to Blue Marlin Dive in Gili Trawangan to take his IART Level 2 and Level 3 training on the JJ-CCR, and then utilize his recent training and experience to undertake some awesome deep dives (and personal records) before he headed back home to  Australia.


Dave began the IART Level Two training in February qualifying him to dive to 60m on the JJ-CCR using normoxic trimix. He then continued to build his hours and experience diving with instructor Will Goodman before embarking on the second leg of his training, the IART Level Three Advanced Trimix course. There are no more courses past Advanced Trimix, so upon completion  David is essentially qualified to dive to any depth he feels comfortable in planning. With this in mind, upon completion of level 3, and taking the dives in small incremental steps, he finally reached the 100m pinnacle. Following this, and closely working together with Simon, they planned and executed a series of dives, to 110m, 115m, and eventually to a whopping 128m.  Seeing some Mola Mola along the way made the achievement even sweeter. As Dave and Simon relaxed in the pool with their cappuccino’s after the amazing dive, the proud smiles were showing.


The whole team here at Blue Marlin Dive wish to congratulate Dave on his awesome achievement, we got used to having him around and are sad to say goodbye now, But we hope that he will return to us soon again in the future and do some more inspirational diving.


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  1. Cheri Bruhn says:

    Congratulations David…what a milestone!


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