Congratulations to Blue Marlin Dive’s Five New Technical Instructors!!

The past week saw the completion of the first TDI Technical Diving IDC in Blue Marlin Dive here in Gili Trawangan, run by our renowned TDI Instructor Trainer Will Goodman. This is an exciting new venture for us here at Blue Marlin Dive, as we get the opportunity to further train our existing instructors to even higher levels, and build our evergrowing technical diving team. The program is a TDI course qualifying instructors to become certified as trainers in technical diving for three TDI Courses, the Enriched Air Nitrox course, the Advanced Nitrox course and the Decompression Procedures course.


This first Technical IDC sees Blue Marlin Dive continue to be the leading technical dive school in Indonesia, as pioneered since 1992 by Blue Marlin founder and owner, and accomplished TDI instructor Trainer Simon Liddiard. It saw five candidates participate in total, four of whom are already employed in the diving industry here with Simon’s diving companies and one newly certified instructor who is a long time committed visitor to us here at Blue Marlin Dive, having done his divemaster training here back in 2007.


The candidates were put through their paces in three realms, knowledge development in the classroom, skills practice in the pool and of course executing the ocean dives. They first needed to demonstrate intensive knowledge and understanding of technical diving and its procedures through standardised study and exams, then practice teaching techniques in technical diving in the confined water training in our on-site training pool before embarking on real-life practice teaching during the ocean dives. These are highly complex skills which are required in order to be able to teach technical diving. This generally means introducing twin tank diving for the first time, reaching new depths of up to 45m, practicing shut-downs and switching to decompression gases and using software to calculate decompression plans.


The five candidates included Edwin Kuipers and Storm Skolnick from here at Blue Marlin Dive Gili Trawangan, Darryn Jessup of Blue Marlin Komodo, Jan Schmid of Trawangan Dive and return visitor Stuart Wilkinson.


Edwin Kuipers, a dutch native has been working with Blue Marlin Dive since 2009. He took his divemaster training with the Gili Air branch back in 2007, followed soon by his instructor course in Gili Trawangan in 2008, and has been part of the furniture ever since. Having gained a wealth of experience in recreational dive teaching, certifying more than 1000 students in the past 5 years, Edwin felt it was time for something new. He is now trained to teach up to Decompression Procedures level with TDI, and will continue to work with the company in his capacity as manager and instructor.Image

Storm Skolnick joined the Blue Marlin team in 2013. Storm hails from New York, and works as a photographer and instructor for the company. Having dived and worked as an instructor in many places around the world, including Australia, Thailand, Croatia ans the US he is excited by the new opportunieies open to him at Blue Marlin Dive. He is also trained to teach up to Decompression Procedures level, and certified as an Extended Range Diver. He will work closely with Will over the next year in delivering a top quality technical diving service to all Blue Marlin customers.

South African Darryn Jessup works for Blue Marlin Komodo established in 2013, having previously been employed at Blue Marlin Gili Meno as a recreational instructor and then at Blue Marlin Dive Gili Trawangan as an instructor and technical diving guide. He is currently Cruise Director for the Ikan Biru, Blue Marlin’s Komodo dive liveaboard and has now trained to be a TDI Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox instructor. He will bring technical diving knowledge and experience to our BLue Marlin Komodo branch.


Jan Schmid an already seasoned Rebreather diver and JJ-CCR instructor has been a regular face on the Gili Trawangan technical diving scene for the past couple of years. The quiet German or BFT (big, friendly German) as he is affectionately known to his friends took his divemaster and instructor training here on Gili Trawangan. He is trained to teach up to Decompression Procedures level and will soon take up a position as the technical dive instructor for Trawangan Dive.

Stuart Wilkinson, a regular visitor to Indonesia from Australia was the fifth member of the group. He has recently trained as a recreational instructor although he has been a divemaster already for more than five years. He has taken an extended break from his job to pursue what he loves, which is diving, and will base himself in the Gili islands in the coming months building up his experience with technical and Rebreather diving.


We congratulate all five instructors on their recent achievements and wish them all the best in their pursuit of technical diving activities. No doubt, they will continue to develop their skills and competence under the dierection and supvision of our experienced technical guru”s Will Goodman and Simon Liddiard.


Will intends to run similar courses several more times throughout 2014. It is open to all diving instructors worldwide looking to expand their knowledge and skills, and interested in furthering their career options in the diving industry. For further information please contact us on



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