Blue Marlin’s Last Minute Holiday Gift Giving Guide


You’ve spent the past month in quiet denial. Why does everyone start celebrating the holidays so early these days? As the music gets louder and the decorations seem to emerge from every possible surface, you can’t ignore it anymore. Christmas is upon us…. And less than a week away? Oh no. It’s time to do a negative entry into the gift giving season. So as a last-minute shopper, check out these great gift ideas for any diver- whether they dive every day, get in a trip once a year, or haven’t even learned yet! And remember: you can always blame customs for that belated gift. 

Gifts for the Diving Addicted

We all know at least one of these people. The instructor that you kept in touch with, a divemaster who took some time off from the “real world” to lug tanks in exchange for free diving or the friend who is impossible to schedule time with because they are underwater every weekend. Their Facebook timeline reads like a log book and you are pretty sure they have grown gills. You wouldn’t dare purchase them any gear as you know they’ve agonised and researched over their set up that usually costs way more than their monthly rent. What to do?


They are probably impossible to get a hold of – different time zones, sparse cell signals, and for some reason their phone is always dead. Eliminate one of these issues with Scubaba’s scuba tank portable charger. Don’t let their need for music on the boat stand in the way of getting a hold of them. 

Scubaba Portable Charger
Always bring an extra tank of fuel.

Price: USD 22.50;

Loved One

If your love of scrubbing microbeads has created a real tension in your friendship or if a meal out to a seafood restaurant regularly incites a lengthy lecture on the declining state of the world’s fish population- this gift is a slam dunk. If your friend is an avid diver, chances are they have taken up the banner of conservation. Support their love of the ocean by donating to PROJECT AWARE in their name and your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar through PADI’s Matching Gift Challenge.

Price:  USD 10+;

If you feel as though you’d like to support something a little less corporate, help one of Blue Marlin’s favourite causes: the Marine Megafauna Foundation. A USD 200 contribution allows you to name a manta ray & receive instant updates via e-mail on your adopted manta ray’s whereabouts.You’ll also receive a sweet poster. 

Blue Marlin's Manta - Ariane
Adopt your very own Manta ray!

Price:  USD 200;


Although you know they have hemmed and hawed over every gear purchase, there is one piece of equipment you can’t go wrong with- especially if they spend 5+ hours/week underwater. Did you know that diving on a regular basis brings down a diver’s core body temperature? Make sure they stay warm with a Sharkskin Chill-Proof Sleeveless Vest with Hood. It can be layered easily to ensure they stay cosy & warm on every dive. 

Sharkskin Chill-Proof Sleeveless Vest

Price:  USD 140;

Remember that one time…in Indonesia…yeah, they do too. And it doesn’t seem like they’ll be forgetting anytime soon….

It’s best to keep this person happy. For your own sake… Give them the experience they’ve been craving! Help them take their diving to the next level with a trip aboard Blue Marlin’s Ikan Biru. With a daily regimen of “Dive, Eat, Sleep, Repeat”, they’ll be sure to get in everything they love. Komodo’s dive sites are often compared to some of the best in the world and offer every type of diving in a relatively close proximity – gentle drifts along pristine coral, mucky macro, spectacular seamounts, and adrenaline pumping currents. 

Dive, Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Dive, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Price: around USD 250/night;

Gifts for the Casual Diving Fiend

Perhaps this diver in your life has caught the scuba bug, but alas, daily life and an impossible number of kilometres stand in the way of their passion. However, each vacation planned is based on “50 Dive Sites to Dive Before You Die” and their scuba diver flag phone case says it all. It would seem that absence truly has made the heart grow fonder. Sometimes travelling with personal gear only invites extra luggage fees. However, you can’t go wrong with a few simple items that will always make it into their suitcases or gifts that remind them of what they love even when they are as dry as the Sahara.


They may not be able to get in bubbles that often, but remind them of what they love with this deep tea diver infuser. As the snow or rain falls around, their mind will be transported to a more tropical time. Seriously, it’s pretty much the cutest.

Dive into the deep tea.
Dive into the deep tea.

Price: USD 15;

Loved One

Sometimes the rigour of daily life can bring out our inner stress monster. Help bring a moment of meditative peace by giving your loved one a wearable reminder of their happy place. Etsy has a large collection of jewellery, but our favourite was the Sterling Silver Octopus Ring by zulasurfing or the Steampunk Diving Helmet Cufflinks by CosmicFirefly. It’s also a great conversation starter!il_570xN.881146253_5lo7

Price: Ring: USD 99;

Price: Cufflinks: USD 65;


If you begin to look into underwater cameras –  you’ll suddenly realise that there are way more options than you anticipated. From the common GoPro to housings that cost more than actual cameras – help to simplify this year. These days, most vacation photographers have ditched the fancy cameras and settled with their smartphones. Turn your sister/brother/mother/father’s iPhone into an underwater camera with an underwater housing that is good for up to 40M/ 130ft. Plus, it even has a red filter- a necessary component of any point and shoot underwater camera. wsip5-004-pkg

Price: USD 160;

Your favourite person in the entire world.

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that spending money on experiences has more of a lasting effect on happiness than spending money on things? Tick off “idyllic island getaway” and “scuba diving vacation” with a week-long “Stay & Dive” package at Blue Marlin Gili Trawangan. Stay in the luxurious Kelapa Villas and spend your days diving with turtles and the reef’s other usual suspects. Your perfect vacation is just a short speedboat trip away from Bali.  Plus, they’ll need a diving/ vacation buddy so that works fro you too….IMG_0932

Price: Starting at USD 250;

Gifts for Future Enthusiasts

It’s hard to describe the exact feeling of diving to someone who’s never done it before. We throw out words: weightlessness, the beauty of being a speck in the ocean, peering into another world. However, you really have to try it to understand. Use this holiday gift giving season to really nudge that person in your life in the right direction. Whether its ambivalence, fear or a lack of access holding them back; use this gift as a way to get the tank rolling.


Perhaps it’s ambivalence that’s really holding them back. You have explained over and over about the feeling of diving and how awe inspiring it is to explore another part of the world. Back your story up with some gorgeous pictures to really pique their interest. Norbert Wu’s collection of pictures in ‘Diving the World: (Underwater) Photography’ is the perfect way to show them what they’re missing. Plus, it makes a great coffee table book!51EY96WG8ML._SX402_BO1,204,203,200_

Price: USD 30;

Loved One

Maybe your loved one has just seen Jaws a few too many times. So far, no amount of common sense or factual reasoning has convinced them that sharks aren’t bloodthirsty killing machines hell bent on eating every human in sight. Help ease their mind with Sharkbanz. These wristbands contain a patented magnetic technology that deters sharks away from those wearing them. No more excuses. actionhub-magnets-secret-preventing-shark-attacks-2014-10-16_13-41-49

Price: USD 59;


Sometimes getting people comfortable with having a mask on their face or breathing underwater is a slow process. But there is no reason why your family needs to be relegated to the boat when you are off diving. Help enhance their experience with Hammer Schammer’s kickboard with a view. They can tag along on your adventure from the surface and both of you will have a new topic of conversation during happy hour sunset times.  snorkeling-kickboard1

Price: USD 399;

The Ultimate “I’m Sorry”

So you really messed up. Make it up to them by fronting the bill for a PADI Open Water Diver course at Blue Marlin Trawangan. Over 3 days, begin your underwater adventure. Inclusive of dive theory, pool work, and 4 dives — your recipient will be addicted to bubbles in no time. Which is always a good thing.


Price: USD 388;

White Elephant Gifts

Sometimes we just have a little too much fun scouring the internet.

zelda-scuba-halloween-dog-costume-1Price: USD 18; 

imgresPrice: USD 99; 


Price: USD 11,500; 

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