About Blue Marlin Dive

Introductions are in order, we suppose!

Blue Marlin Dive began in the early 1990’s off the coasts of Lombok, Indonesia in Gili Trawangan by (now!) famed technical diver and PADI Course Director, Simon Liddiard. At the time, there were no dive centres on the island and the “Blue Marlin Dive” that you know and love consisted of just a few sets of gear and one instructor: Simon. As tourism took off in Bali, backpackers sought warm waters, white sand beaches, the occasional party scene and vibrant reefs: the rest was history. Blue Marlin Dive, the first dive centre of the Gilis, was officially established in 1992.

Over the past 25+ years, Simon and his colleagues have become some of the most experienced dive professionals in the industry, especially when it comes to Indonesia and the Gili Islands. Simon not only initiated the growth of tourism in the Gili Islands, but he located many of the dive sites visitors dive today such as the Japanese World War II Wreck, Tunang Wall and Simon’s Reef.

In addition to initiating diving in the Gilis, Simon and his team have been pioneers in many other ways. Ikan Biru, Blue Marlin’s liveaboard has been diving Komodo well over 15 years, with certain sites such as Police Corner and western Tatawa Besar being discovered by Simon’s team. Simon completed the first ever solo deep Trimix rebreather dive to a depth of 150m and holds the record for deepest dive on an unmodified closed circuit rebreather. Will Goodman, our senior technical diving instructor,  is a two-time World Record Holder, holding the record for longest dive and deepest on a modified CCR. Theresia Gollner is one of only two female technical diving instructors in all of Southeast Asia qualified to teach advanced courses such as Decompression Theory and Extended Range.

Furthermore, Blue Marlin has been honoured as a PADI Dive Centre with numerous awards over the years including, but not limited to “Outstanding Contribution to Diving Education”, “Outstanding Contribution to Continuing Education” and “Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry.”We currently are one of two dive centres in Komodo to hold the PADI 5* IDC Dive Resort rating and currently certify the most students in all of Gili Trawangan, one of the top locations to learn how to dive in the world.

Blue Marlin Dive now operates in Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Lombok, Komodo, and most recently, Gili Air. With a fleet of over 10 dayboats and 2 liveaboards, Blue Marlin has grown into a large diving network and extended family.

Enjoy our blog where we aim to share our knowledge (and a few jokes!) with divers all over the world. Our blog focuses on interesting animal facts, funny diving observations, equipment advice, diving tips, spotlights on our award winning staff, travel information and more. Whether you’ve dived with us in the past, are looking to visit Indonesia or just need to pass the time in between your dive holidays – enjoy our bi-monthly blog!


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