What Will I Learn As A Divemaster Candidate?

Starting your Divemaster course is a daunting prospect and you could easily be scared off by the long list of requirements outlined in your initial paperwork. The good news is that PADI has designed the course so that you can take it at your own pace…

Back to School: Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures

This past year, two of Blue Marlin Komodo’s instructors headed over to Gili Trawangan for a holiday full of beaches, tropical island vibes and some fun diving. However, once there, they were bitten by the Tech Bug. Some are attracted to the shiny new gear, some seek the less explored dive sites not available to recreational divers and others love the idea of planning technical ‘expeditions’. However, some just love a good challenge. Enter Vero and Doug.

This One Goes Out To The Boat Crew: Awww Yeah. #SquadGoals

We spend a lot of time thanking our instructors and divemasters, but we’re going to pour this one out for the essential ingredient that is the boat crew. The fact that you may not even recognise how hard they work is is a sign of a job well done. These guys fulfil a host of jobs around the boat and without them, we would be as lost as Justin Bieber trying to navigate the adult world.

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History: An Interview with Tech Instructor Theresia

Did you know there are only two female technical instructors qualified to teach up to Extended Range in all of Southeast Asia? Blue Marlin Tech is immensely proud to call one of them, ours. Very few woman divers have chosen the technical path, and even fewer have made it all the way to the instructor level: Meet Theresia Gollner.

An Intro to Your First Underwater Camera

Looking to discover another facet of diving? If you are looking to invest in some underwater camera equipment, here is Blue Marlin’s “Guide to Purchasing Your First Underwater Camera Set Up”.

The PADI Divemaster Course: Expectations vs Reality

Since the day you took your first breath underwater, you’ve been dreaming about how cool it would be to one day get a qualification in diving that will enable you to work in the profession. You’ve researched different locations, saved up some money, absolved yourself from any responsibilities back home and committed to your PADI…

Divemaster Eko: Journey to Instructor

One of Blue Marlin’s core principles is ‘family’. When someone in your family does well, its a great moment for the entire team. Read about Komodo’s senior divemaster’s journey from divemaster to instructor.

Guess What I Saw? 10 Bragworthy Underwater Finds

It’s 6 pm, as with the end of most days diving, you are sitting around a table chatting with some of the staff and new friends you’ve made on the boat whilst sipping beers and exchanging highlights from the day. One of your new friends begins to describe her Discover Scuba Diving experience. She beams,  “I’m totally…